Student Hub Template

Aug 8, 2023

Manage Your Workload in One Space.

The Student Hub Notion template provides a centralised gateway to manage your assignments, study timetable and flashcards all in one place.

    What’s Included?

        • Retrospective Timetable – Used to keep track of what modules/lessons/lectures you have done (or not done) and rate how strongly you feel about the respective topics.
        • Flashcard Bank – A database containing any flashcards/notes made on its pages which can be allocated to a topic on the Retrospective Timetable.
        • Student Planner – Keep track of big events or deadlines that are coming up (contains a feature to count down the days until the deadline).
        • Exam Tracker – Log and keep a record of any exams taken. Contains separate groupings for practice tests done at home, and the real exams.
        • To Do list – Standard to-do list in the dashboard for any quick capture tasks.
        • An Instruction Manual is located within the template explaining which explains how to use the template properly.