Driving Boosts Productivity!

Nov 15, 2021 | Life

Driving is possibly one of the best new skills that have come out of 2021 for me personally. The ease  to be able to drive to the gym, to college, to boxing classes etc is phenomenal. For a bit of context, I passed on 23/09/21 and started driving on the 12/11/21 and It has already boosted my productivity tenfold.

The main reason I feel driving has increased my productivity is due to the independence I have experienced. Being responsible for the bills of paying for monthly insurance and petrol costs has made me more aware of how I spend my money which has resulted in me starting to budget much more efficiently. Also it has freed up a lot more time that I didn’t have before as instead of getting the bus to places I drive which is 100x quicker. So with this extra time I am now able to redirect it into other parts of my life such as writing this blog post.

Don’t get distracted!

Although driving is a massive improvement to someones lifestyle, this is only if it is done right. Due to the new freedom gained when first driving, you feel that you want to go out all the time and relax essentially. This is okay for a couple days, but after that you have to make sure you are wise with how much time you spend going out for no reason in comparison to driving for a reason. In my experience I now have a tunnel vision of wanting to get things done so that is what I am going to do.

Bit of a short post for today, but if you’re reading this thankyou for reading!


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