Blender Journey Day 0

Jan 1, 2022 | Life

My Plan

*Any videos mentioned are linked*

3D is a form of digital design that i’ve been very curious about for the longest time, i’ve always put off starting it though due to excuses such as it looking too hard to start, being very confusing and I thought it would be very costly. But turns out that blender is an amazing program that is completely free and very high quality.

I am a complete beginner when it comes to 3D, so I hope that documenting my journey might help someone out there who is in my position.

There is a notorious blender intro tutorial on YouTube called the Blender Donut Tutorial by Blender Guru. I am going to start my actual learning of the basics With this series first so that I have a decent amount of knowledge on the “20%” of tools that would be used most often in my future projects.

He has a video in his Donut playlist which outlines how he would tell someone to learn Blender in a reasonable timeframe which I am going to follow loosely as I am going to try out many other things along the way.

Before The Donut Tutorial

Before I decided to go through this tutorial I actually wanted to have an initial taster of what it was like to follow a standard tutorial to see what certain aspects of the program people were much quicker with, this is so I could keep an eye out for certain shortcuts and tricks when I went through the Donut Tutorial.

So I decided to look for a cool looking tutorial on Youtube that I would be able to follow and I ended up finding a Head Deformation Tutorial which looked really cool, this was made by bla tadej.

Completion of this Tutorial

This tutorial took me quite a while to do, but I did manage to complete it (maybe not to the best level lol). Despite this I am very happy with how mine turned out as I was just looking to learn a bit about the process. Here is my finished design below – I only did an image and not an animation as that is something I am looking to do a little further down the line.

What’s Next?

What I am planning to do next is start on the donut tutorial and possibly do a couple of others aswell. I will be back to next post to show the work I have completed and show any resources I used in the process.


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